Consisting of drummers, dancers and guest musicians, Timbeleza is a not-for-profit cooperative which specializes in Brazilian percussion music. The group formed around 2005 and began to blossom under the tutelage of Ricardo Periera, a samba-school mestre from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Within several years, they were performing regularly at community festivals, clubs and private parties around the region, and training with master drummers such as Marcus Santos (Bloco Afro-Brasil), Curtis Pierre (Casa Samba), and Scott Kettner (Nation Beat/Maracatu New York). Members have hailed from numerous countries, such as Brazil, Iran, the United Kingdom, Germany, Hungary and France. Timbeleza is now a fixture at community events such as the Latin American Caribbean Festival and Brazil Fest; Art All Night; the Pittsburgh International Children's Festival, the Pittsburgh Folk Festival; Kaya Fest; the Polish Hill Arts Festival; African Arts in the Park; and Pittsburgh Cultural Trust events such as First Night, the Downtown Gallery Crawl and Market Square Summer Concert Series.

Performances feature arrangements of traditional and modern rhythms from Rio de Janeiro and Salvador de Bahia. Audience participation and musician dynamics make festive outdoor, parade, and party performances.Available in ensembles from 5 to 15 and can include samba dancers and capoeiristas. The group can provide outreach through hands-on demonstrations for participants of all ages.